Peta Einberg

human she/her
Peta has been casting across Film, TV Drama and TV Commercials for a really long time… seriously, a REALLY long time. We’ve won loads of awards too. We mainly do TVCs now because they’re fun.

Amber Mosdell

human she/her
Amber met Peta just after she arrived in Australia in the early noughties. When she is not working in Television Production, she loves wearing her Casting Hat (and looks good in it too).

nashi ferguson (natasha)

…. IS BACK.   Our office is known as The Hotel California….. “You can check out, but you can never leave”. A regular contributor to the frivolity in the office, who also happens to be a Photographer and Bar Owner (The Midnight Special). She likes cats but we don’t hold that against her.


canine he/him
Buckley is the newest member of the PEC team, currently weighing in at 10kgs 15kgs 20kgs 25kgs 27kgs. Interests are Squeaky Toys and sitting on people’s feet.

RIP Banjo

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